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Jorge Saotome's Journal

1st November, 2002. 12:11 pm.

It... has been... a very. very long night. *collapses*

But! I must finish the announcement for all our loyal view--uh, readers.

Well, it was all very confused around the Gate. I couldn't get a good look at what was happening (which was not, I repeat, NOT because I was cowering with Koenma-sama behind his desk, despite what you may have heard!), but it seems that Kurama and Kuwabara, with Botan as back-up, managed to defeat Doctor! For more details, I think we'll have to wait to hear from them. They then confronted Sniper, distracting him from his attack on the Gate--

BUT! When Doctor died, his soul passed through the Gate--opening it! O.O With the Gate already weakened by Sniper, and no remaining oni to guard it, the souls who had been crowded around the entrance burst out and disappeared! What does this mean?! Well, we weren't exactly sure, it'd never happened before. But we found out...

Some of the ningenkai and makai's most powerful souls are alive again. O.O

We spent most of the night trying to recapture the human criminals who'd returned to the ningenkai, but there's still a lot we haven't accounted for. As for the demons, the makai is off-limits to us unless they're interfering with the humans. What do we do?!

(When Enma Daioh gets back I am going to die... T_T )

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31st October, 2002. 11:29 pm. Help arrives!

All right, here's what's been happening since my last announcement!

Most of the oni manning the Gates have run; Sniper and Doctor cut down most of those brave enough to fight! T_T Luckily, while these brave oni sacrificed themselves, we managed to lock up the Gate!

But! Once they got past the oni, Sniper and Doctor began attacking the Gate itself!

Luckily, just as they began, Botan arrived with help, the remaining members of the old Urameshi Team from the human world! Kuwabara and Kurama are currently attempting to stop Sensui's minions!

But! Doctor has intercepted them--Sniper is still attacking the Gate! Will our heroes triumph? I'll keep you posted!

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31st October, 2002. 10:36 pm. BIGGER Trouble!


The humans have reached the reikai, and are STORMING THE GATES! Two of them! And they seem to be WINNING? How? Well, it seems that after my last announcement, a few of the new oni working the Gates decided to take the night off... *panic panic* Also, it seems that Hinageshi, a young girl who recently completed training under Ayame and Botan, has misplaced her oar. Is this the way the live humans managed to cross into the reikai?!


Update! We now know the identities of the attackers! They go by the codenames Doctor and Sniper! Yes, the same ones who were causing trouble in the ningenkai a few years ago under Sensui!

...who... is in the back-up around the... the Gate that they're attacking...


Er... update! Botan has been sent to get two of our strongest ningenkai contacts, Kuwabara Kazuma and Youko Kurama, also known as Shuuichi Minamino! Can they get here in time to stop the attack on the reikai Gates?! I'll keep you posted!

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31st October, 2002. 9:58 pm. Big Trouble!

Panic! Panic!

Er--wait! No! Don't panic! Er... ahhh! Trouble!

Two humans are approaching the Gates! Live humans! One of them has a spirit girl's oar--how did this happen?! All oni working the Gates, prepare to defend!

(How did this happen?! What's happening?! If Enma Daioh finds out I'm gonna die... T_T )

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26th October, 2002. 1:53 pm.

Er, well, I've gotten a journal now! ^_^;; I thought I'd use this to practice my ability as an announcer. So, here goes!

Today, in the Reikai--


...er, I got koenma-sama his breakfast and his lunch and filed papers.

...okay, so nothing much has been happening today, but if something happens, you can be sure I'll announce it here, so stay tuned!

Well, for long-term news, we've gotten the Reikai mainframe back online (I'm starting to get really good with computers! ...actually, i wasn't the one who fixed it. But I helped!). But you probably guessed that, since I'm making this entry... er... Well, Koenma-sama has been very busy lately taking care of the build-up near the Gates. (...actually, I don't think he's even looked at those papers yet... Koenma-sama! ;_; ) If you haven't been paying attention to the situation, here's what's happening! Since the Netherworld incident, reikai has become aware that we need to start taking care of the souls from the makai. (That's not our job, and it's been a lot more work, but otherwise we could risk another incident like the last one.) But, er, we still aren't really sure where to put them all... The low level demons are forming packs on the other side of the Lower Gate, so we have a few oni escort the human souls through. This has created many new job oportunities for younger oni! ^_^ The S-class demons, on the other hand, are demanding... various things, actually; a specific type of afterlife, or a return to the makai (or the ningenkai... we can't allow that! ^_^;; ). This has led to quite a crowd of them on the other side of the Upper Gate. Most of them aren't bothering the human souls, luckily, but the oni working that gate are getting worried.

...and that's it for Reikai News! ^_^ (Aren't I getting good at being an announcer?)

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